My name is Delbert Aud. Have you ever met that one person who devotes the majority of their time working and engaging their lives with Advanced Technologies? I am that person. I enjoy dedicating my time to reading and tinkering with the things that companies, managers and other developers will soon desire. Many of these cutting edge advancements become astonishing once they are understood. Meanwhile, I get the luxury of pulling my hair out trying to find uses of these advancements and being able to explain them in the simplest of terms.

Teaching and mentoring others is where my true passion lies. Not too long ago, I came to the realization that no matter how good of a programmer I may become, there will always be many other brilliant programmers right behind me. Technology is advancing at such an expeditious rate that it makes it almost impossible for anyone to keep up with it. This is one of the many reasons that I have chosen to become a technologist. In my mind, a technologist is a person who concentrates on technology itself. Others may be spending their quality time learning a business or an industry such as banking. However I choose to devote my time to the computer industry and how to make advancements ready for use by others.

Please explore, enjoy my site and get to know me.

My lastest investigations have lead me to the world of solid molding, 3d printing, Rubber Mold Making and Plastic Casting. If you have a need or interest in Plastic Casting please see my site at