Active Web Hosting

Active Web Hosting is a small web hosting company supporting hobbyist to have a place to host web sites. It started out as a programmer’s playground or sandbox on the Internet to allow developers who desired a place to test code. Now Active Web Hosting supports some 450 domains with 2300 email accounts. Active Web Hosting remains a hobby business because of its’ primary purpose of supporting developers who desire to have a cheap place to test their code.

The creation of Active Web Hosting has allowed me to learn so much more about the operations of the Internet, automation of various processes around business automation, spam detection and hacking defense. Active Web Hosting supports 2 Name Servers, 1 Mail Server, 4 Microsoft IIS Web Servers, 1 Linux CGI Server, and 1 Microsoft SQL Server.

The latest upgrades to Active Web Hosting have involved the relocation from physical hardware to cloud servers running from Rack Space. Moving the operations to Rack Space has allowed up to scale up or down with very fast turnarounds. Utilizing Rack Space files has eliminated the burning of backups to DVDs for long term storage provided the benefit that all backups are now held online for quick retrieval.