Computer In Action

Computers In Actions was an extension of Aud Computer Service and Computer Price Club. This new firm provided onsite computer repairs during a time where viruses were the major problem in the industry. Computers In Action provided a dispatched technician to local businesses to solve their computer problems. In cases where something couldn’t be resolved onsite we retrieved the system, repaired it at our facility and returned it to the client the next day. The success of this firm as built around a fixed price model of $100 per visit plus parts.

As a side line to the computer repair side of Computers In Action we provided live teacher lead computer training in the evenings at our office. These classes were formal instruction in subjects such as Microsoft Word and Excel and were taught at both a beginning and advanced version of the class. The fact that the classes were held for a few hours after work and were a flat rate price of $100 made the program successful.

This business was sold after a couple of years after I was given the opportunity to follow my dreams of being a professional programmer with American Honda.