Professional Blog

In this blog I list the technologies that I have worked with or investigated.

Prior to 2012

Skill Acquired Description
Microsoft Visual BasicFor DOS and Windows Version 1 - 6
Microsoft VBScript
Microsoft Visual StudioVisual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, C#
Microsoft Classic ASP
Microsoft Excel Automation
Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft LINQ
Microsoft IIS Automation
Oracle RDBMs
BizAgiBPMBusiness Process Modeling Tool
YouTube Video Production
RTO Web SiteResources, Technologies and Opportunities
Web Services (POX)See my web site.
Web Scraping / Mmashups
Apache Casandra
Mockup ScreensSolution Mockup Tool
XP Programming
Scrum / Agile
Cloud Computing: GAEGAE / Google App Engine, Python, Rackspace platform as a service.
Android Mobile DevelopmentUsing Eclipse and AppInventor
Google FusionTables
Google DocsFocus on public surveys.
Join.meOnline Mentoring / Screen Sharing Tool
HTML 5Including various modern browser comparisons against HTML5.
JavaScript Frameworks ResearchIncluding JQuery, Prototype, DOJO and Django
Introduction to Java

2012 January

Skill Acquired Description
NetBeans IDE
LovelyCharts.comOnline Diagraming Tool

2012 February

Skill Acquired Description
PDF generation with PHP
Web Site AutomationWindows Server 2008 / IIS7
E-mail Services Automation MailEnable
FTP Services AutomationArgosoft FTP Server
DNS Services Automation SimpleDNS

2012 March

Skill Acquired Description
ProjectPierCloud based project management tool
PHPProjektCloud based project management tool
AIDEAndroid Integrated Development Environment
HadoopBig Data

2012 April

Skill Acquired Description
Google GoInvestigation of this new language.
Server Automation Processes Development of various server automation processes using Windows Server 2008 and IIS7.
WMI / WMICodeGeneratorInvestigation into WMI functionality and WMICodeGenerator

2012 May

Skill Acquired Description
Digital Mars D Language

Investigation into D Language (more...)(less...)

2012 June

Skill Acquired Description
Windows Tablet utilization
Microsoft SQL Server Performance Debugging

Utilizing PSSDiag, SQLDiag and various scripting techniques. (more...)(less...)

2012 July

Skill Acquired Description
VMWare ESX / SAN Automation

VB Script Automation of VMWare ESX / Storage areas on SAN Environment. (more...)(less...)

2012 August

Skill Acquired Description
Java Beans Development

2012 September

Skill Acquired Description
Oracle RDBMS 11gInstallation and refamiliarization with PL/SQL Scripting
XAMPP for WindowsInstallation and refamiliarization with XAMPP for development
MySQLDevelopment of mysql queries for complex reporting, mentoring another developer
JavaScript/JQuery/AJAXMentoring another developer in web page automation using JavaScript/JQuery and AJAX
Node.jsInvestigation into Node.js functionality
JBoss DroolsResearch functionality and use of JBoss Drools

2012 October

Skill Acquired Description
NetBeans IDE 7.3 betaInvestigating new feature that allow realtime debugging via the Chrome browser.
JBoss ASInvestigation in features and ablities of JBoss Application Server
PaintShop Pro x5Investigation in updated graphic handling abilities
Photoshop CS6Investigation in updated graphic handling abilities
HTML5, CSS, JQueryInvestigation of new features of CSS3