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Are you looking for a U.S. based, English speaking programmer with tsql skills. Are you looking for a programmer with tsql skills who can contribute to your project in a significant way? Do you need a technologist with intricate programming skills and experience to work on your project or with your in-house team? Then you have come to the right place.

Delbert Aud is a freelance computer programmer who works in many programming languages, especially as a programmer with tsql skills. He has over 30 years of experience as a professional programmer for many different projects.

Working as a freelancer since 1980, Mr. Aud has a thorough understanding of many programming languages and can put his tsql skills to use to meet the requirements of your business or individual project.

Reliable programming solutions

Delbert Aud is a passionate programmer and has worked on a number of projects. An avid programmer and technology specialist for years, Mr. Aud has knowledge of many programming languages.

As a programming consultant, Mr. Aud worked for a number of companies like Hewlett Packard, EDS, Automated Solutions Group, American Honda, Cornelia Connelly Private School, and Fairmont Private School.

At Hewlett Packard he has worked on the following accounts: Navy Marine Corp Intranet, Bank of America, UMG - Universal Music Group and Butterfield Bank. At EDS he has worked on the following accounts: Navy Marine Corp Intranet, American Airlines, Northrup Grumann, Rolls-Royce, Microsoft, US Borax, HR Textron, Healthy Families of California, hGlobe, Johnson and Johnson, MMC Technologies, Advanced Computing, FARES (First American Real Estate), Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, EPOCH, LMKI, HiTek, OTN, Orange County Register Newspaper, NASD (National Association of Security Dealers), Maxtor, OAN, Kellwood, SBC (Southwestern Bell Corporation), Discovery Toys, Southland Corporation, Del Monte Foods, Solutia, KMN, Fijitsu, Associated Bank, Informix, Xerox, Unigraphics and Hughes Aircraft. At Automated Solutions Group he has assisted on the following project: NDC, AT&T, The Carson Group, Canac Kitchens and Southern California Edison.

Given his experience and expertise as a programming consultant, you can rest assured of getting the best programming solutions from Delbert Aud, who is currently a freelance programmer with tsql skills.

Why choose Delbert Aud?

Programming is not for everyone, but Delbert found his calling in coding when he was introduced to computer basics in high school, back in 1978. His analytic skills, combined with passion for computers and coding have led him to educate himself in various computer programming languages such as C, Java, C++, C#, Basic, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Transact-SQL, Visual and many other languages.

Delbert Aud is also a computer systems architect and has always taken a keen interest in learning the best practices of new technologies that businesses can benefit from. His extensive knowledge and command of the programming language, which is one the most widely used programming languages in the world, enables him to work across multiple platforms and projects.

Delbert Aud's enthusiasm for research, coding and implementation of programs, combined with his expansive knowledge of computer programming languages, operating systems, and the latest technological advancements is what makes him one of the best to work on your project. If you need a programmer with tsql skills you should consider including Delbert Aud on your project.

Tailored solutions for your business

Every business has its own needs. Likewise, every IT project has its own specifications that have to be met accurately to deliver the desired results. Delbert Aud has worked with a number of clients across different companies, designing and implementing programs to meet their needs.

Mr. Aud also brings into play his interpersonal and communication skills to interact with his clients, project managers and team members to understand the requirements of the project accurately, and deliver the results as desired.

Besides putting his programming skills into the best use for your project, Mr. Aud can also offer his knowledge of Database Technologies, SOA, XML, Scrum, Agile development methodology, cloud computing and other technical skills, to the project as and when necessary.

Contact Delbert Aud, a freelance programmer with tsql, today if you are looking for an expert programmer to contribute to your project. Contact me at or discuss your project today.

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