Nancy, my wife, and I have ventured past the raising of children and are embarking on the next part of our lives. We have raised six wonderful kids that we now take great enjoyment in watching them have their own adventures as they figure out both themselves and the world. With the raising of the kids behind us we have left the stable house and normal weekly and monthly chores and have ventured out into the world in an RV.

Our Camper

Our new lives take us from city to city and state to state having new weekly adventures. Over the past 2 years we have ventured up and down the west coast and across the bottom of the United States. Along with way we have met wonderful people of new and renewed friendships with folks from the past. We have seen dolphins jump through boat wakes doing the most amazing stunts that we just couldn't believe. We have been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and ate some of the most wonderful foods this country has to offer.

This new freedom has enabled us to continue our work while giving us a wonderful method of reducing the stress that comes with today's workloads and environments. We are free to travel to almost any location in the United States to be onsite with a client if required. We are able to work almost any hours that a client might need. Barring a little sleep being required from time to time.

Our travels are documented on My Travel Blog, YouTube Videos at My YouTube Channel and in Nancy's Blog.