Mockup or Wireframe Development

Tool Name Description
Balsamiq Mockups A design tool for developing wireframes and mockup for both WinForm and Web sites.

Text Editors or Programming Editors

Tool Name Description

Learning Resources

Resource Description Free Online Courses Free and Paid Video Tutorials
Ed2Go Online Computer Programming and Other Courses. May also earn certificates through your local school district continuing education system (if available).
W3Schools Free web development tutorials.
DevShed Open source web development tutorials.
SQL Tutorial Free tutorial to learn SQL Database language.
Udemy SQL Tutorial Video Udemy - A Beginner's Guide to SQL: A MySQL Tutorial
JQuery Tutorial 30 Days to Learn jQuery
jQuery Fundamentals Tutorial on how to use JQuery
Build Windows Store Apps Official Microsoft Tutorial
Tutorials Point Multiple Language and Tools Tutorials
Guru99 Multiple Language and Tools Tutorials

HTML5 Resources

Tool Name Description
Top Browsers Real-Time interactive charts of the most used browsers and versions.
Browsershots Cross platform browser compatibility test creates screen shots of how your web site will look in different browsers.
The HTML5 Browser Test Test to see what HTML5 elements your browser is compatible with.
The CSS3 Browser Test Test to see what CSS3 elements your browser is compatilble with.
Special Characters Reference ASCII/HTML/URL encoded
UTF-8 Icons To use these in your CSS3 content elements: Use a \ and then the number after the U+
jQuery JavaScript Library Official JQuery site where you can download the library for use in your own sites.
jQuery API Documentation
jQuery UI Library
CSS3 Shapes Code exmamples on how to draw shapes in CSS3
20 Advanced CSS3 Techniques Create pure CSS3 drop down menus, dialog boxes, style forms, icons, effects and more.
Colorzilla Great Gradient Editor (has some cool presets)
CSS3Gen CSS3 Generators: They have things for buttons, shadows, text effects, etc
CSS Menu Maker
GR Sites
Wufoo The Online Form Builder
Flaming and Glowing Logos
lunapic Graphic Utility Site
SEO Site Checkup
SEO Keyword Density Tool
CSS Sprite Generator
Bulk Image Resizer
XML Site Map Generator
Color Scheme Designer
Google Fonts
Transparent Graphic Creator
Cloud based Graphic's Editor
HTML 5 Cheatsheet
HTML 5 Mobile Feature Checker

Cloud Computing

Tool Name Description
Rackspace IaaS, PaaS Solution Provider
Jelastic PaaS Solution Provider - Java, PHP
Digital Ocean SSD PaaS Solution Provider for developers - Servers as low as $5 a month

Windows 8

Tool Name Description
Visual Studio Express 2012 Windows 8 Version
Windows Store Apps Video Series
Windows Store Apps Tutorial 1 Learn to Build Windows Store Apps
Windows Store Apps Tutorial 2 Develop Great Windows Store Apps

Language Tools
Tool Name Description
Compilers Online A number of online editors and compilers to test code
Coding Ground An interactive online development site