Aud Consulting Service

In 1980 as Junior in high school I was presented opportunities where I was providing programming services for small businesses. This sideline business created a need to be able to bill for my services. After writing and being paid to write a Grade Point Average calculation program for my previous high school I had gained the required skills to gather requirements and develop solutions that meet the needs of the client.

To gain clients I associated myself with a few small computer stores in the Southern California Area. These stores provided my services both to new customers after the purchase of a new computer system and to provide formal training sessions on various computer topics. At this time Apple Computers both in the form of the Apple II and Mac were all the rage. These engagements allowed me to meet a number of people whom are either new to computers or have problems that they need assistance in solving.

Aud Consulting Service was truly a one man operation. I travelled to my clients site and provided customized services to meet the needs of the client. Some of the engagements involved personalized training and other involved creating very complex CRM and billing programs.

This operation remained until the 1990's when it was transformed into a new firm "Computer Price Club".